little girl with crazy hair. hair pulled up on top of her head with several hair bands holding it straight up

Wacky Wednesday Ideas for School

Wacky Wednesday is always a fun day at school where kids get to dress up in wacky clothes, do wacky things and be plain ol’ wacky! It is typically done as part of Spirit Week.

little girl with crazy hair. hair pulled up on top of her head with several hair bands holding it straight up

What is Spirit Week?

Spirit Week is a fun tradition that many schools do to build school spirit and excitement. It usually happens during homecoming week or before big school events like basketball games in high school, but in elementary school, it can be done at any time!

Wacky Wednesday is usually the most popular day of Spirit Week because kids love to dress up in wacky clothes and do wacky things! Here are some great Wacky Wednesday ideas for school that your kids are sure to love!

Silly Clothes

This is always a favorite! Kids love to dress up in silly clothes and wacky outfits. You can make it a contest and have prizes for the wackiest clothing, or just let them go wild and be as creative as they want.

Wacky Outfit Ideas

Dressing wacky is always a fun activity to participate in for Wacky Wednesday. Here are some great Wacky Wednesday outfits to try out!

  • Wacky Socks: This is a classic wacky clothing item. Wear your craziest and most mismatched socks for a fun and easy wacky outfit.
  • Tutus: Tutus are always a fun and wacky clothing choice. You can find them in just about any color, and they are sure to make you stand out!
  • Hats: Another great way to dress up for Wacky Wednesday is by wearing a crazy hat. The crazier, the better! You can find some great hats at your local party store or even make your own!
  • Backward Clothes: This is a super simple but effective way to dress wacky. Just put your clothes on backward, and you’re good to go!
  • Wacky Make-up: This is a great way to really stand out on Wacky Wednesday. Get creative with your make-up and go wild! You can find some great tutorials online or just use your imagination.

Crazy Hair Day

Another popular Wacky Wednesday activity is crazy hair day. Let the kids go wild with their hair! Use hair chalk, temporary hair color spray, or just get creative with some wacky hairstyles.

two pairs of feet wearing crazy socks

Silly Socks Day

Silly socks are always a hit on Wacky Wednesday! You can have a contest to see who can wear the silliest socks or just let the kids show off their favorite wacky socks.

Seuss Day

Another great way to celebrate Wacky Wednesday is to pay homage to this favorite children’s book author! Dr. Seuss books are always a hit with kids, so why not read some of his wackiest books and do some fun activities to go along with them? You could also have a Dr. Seuss-themed dress-up day where everyone dresses up as their favorite character from a book! Or if you have the time and resources, serve green eggs and ham!

Wacky Clothes Day

This is always a fun one! Kids love to dress up in the wackiest clothes they can find. This can be a contest or just for fun. Either way, it’s sure to be a lot of fun!

Wacky Animal Day

One great way to celebrate Wacky Wednesday is to learn about some of the wackiest animals out there! There are so many weird and wonderful animals out there that kids will love learning about. You could do a research project, read books about wacky animals, or even visit a zoo to see some of these animals in person!

Dress Like Your Favorite Characters

This is a great way to get kids excited about reading! Have them dress up as their favorite book characters and then do some fun activities related to those books. You could read the books together, do arts and crafts projects, or even put on a play!

Many different kids, boys and girls running in the park on sunny summer day in casual clothes

Other Wacky Activities

Wacky activities are always a favorite on Wacky Wednesday! You can do anything from wacky races to wacky scavenger hunts. So get creative and have fun with it!

  • Wacky Races: Set up a course in your school or backyard and have the kids race each other by putting both legs in one pant leg.
  • Wacky Scavenger Hunt: Hide wacky objects around your school or home and have the kids find them.
  • Wacky Obstacle Course: Set up a course with wacky obstacles like crawling through tunnels, jumping over hurdles, and more!
  • Wacky Relay Race: Divide the kids into teams and have them race each other while doing wacky tasks like hopping on one foot or balancing an object on their head.
  • Wacky Arts and Crafts: Get creative with arts and crafts! Make wacky hats, paintings, sculptures, and more.
  • Wacky Dance Party: Put on some of your favorite wacky tunes and have a dance party! Let the kids get as crazy as they want!
  • Wacky Photo Booth: Set up a wacky photo booth with props and let the kids take fun photos with their friends.
  • Wacky Painting:  Get creative with painting! Use wacky colors, patterns, and designs.
  • More Wacky Ideas

Here are some more ideas for some fun games and other fun Wacky Wednesday surprises that are sure to be lots of fun for everyone!

  • Wacky Word Scramble: Unscramble wacky words and see who can unscramble them the fastest!
  • Wacky Trivia: Test your knowledge with some fun trivia questions about all things wacky!
  • Wacky Pictionary: Draw wacky things and see if your team can guess what you’re drawing!
  • Wacky Minute to Win It: See how many wacky tasks you can complete in one minute!
  • Wacky Photo Scavenger Hunt: Take photos of wacky things around your school or neighborhood.
  • Wacky Dance Off: Have a dance-off to see who can make the wackiest dance moves!
  • Wacky Balloon Pop: See how many wacky balloons you can pop in one minute!
  • Wacky Pie Eating Contest: See who can eat a wacky pie the fastest!
  • Wacky Scavenger Hunt: Find wacky things around your school or neighborhood.
  • Wacky Obstacle Course: Complete a wacky obstacle course as fast as you can!
  • Wacky Ball Toss: See how many balls you can toss into a bucket in one minute!
  • Wacky Balloon Drop: Drop balloons from a height and see how many you can catch in one minute!
  • Wacky Piñata: Hit a wacky piñata and see how much candy you can catch!
  • Wacky Limbo: See how low you can go in one minute!
  • Wacky Hula Hoop: See how many hula hoops you can keep going in one minute!
  • Wacky Sack Race: See who can race to the finish line with one leg in a potato sack.
  • Wacky Egg Toss: See how many eggs you can toss without dropping them!
  • Wacky Balloon Pop: See how many wacky balloons you can pop in one minute!

More Wacky Wednesday Activities and Favorite Traditions

You could watch some favorite movies or tv shows, set up a fun math center, have a fun storytime, or have some other great ideas that you can come up with together!

Do you have any favorite traditions or activities that you like to do on Wacky Wednesday? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!