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Looking for some free Letter C worksheets?

These free Letter C printable packs will help your young children not just learn and practice writing the Letter C, but also gain confidence with identifying beginning sounds, letter recognition, and identifying Letter C words.

This letter C alphabet activities offers a variety of activities to encompass multiple styles of learning and offer a creative way for preschool or kindergarten children to really practice their fine motor skills in a fun way.

If you are looking for educational activities that your kids will love, checkout this 8 page bundle– perfect for home school families, a literacy center, or mamas looking to keep their preschool and kindergarten children engaged with their alphabet letters.

Free printable Letter C tracing worksheets

Tracing Printable Letter C Printables

The worksheet bundle comes with the following printable activities:

  • Tracing Printables with Dotted Lines for Uppercase Letter C
  • Tracing Printables with Dotted Lines for Lowercase Letter C
  • Letter C Color Coloring Pages
  • Letter C Word Tracing Printable
  • Letter C Activity Worksheets

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside.

Trace Upper Case Letter C Worksheet

Trace the Uppercase Letter C and color the C and the Cactus.

Looking for a Letter C tracing worksheet to practice your uppercase Letter C’s? Well here they are!

This printable comes with a super cute cactus and 3 lines to first practice tracing and then space to give it a try on their own.

These tracing sheets help to reinforce letter recognition as well as working on their writing skills.

With this sheet, not only does your preschool or kindergartner get to practice their letters, but they also express their creative flair with a bit of coloring at the top of the page.

Trace Lower case Letter C Worksheet

Trace the lowercase letter C and color the Clam shell.

Above you have the companion lowercase Letter C tracing worksheets, just like the uppercase worksheet above.

Your little learner will get to practice tracing their lowercase Letter C’s and then have an additional line to try it on their own.

Once they’ve completed their tracing and handwriting practice, they can jump up and color the super cute clam shell at the top of the page.

Letter C Word Tracing Printable

Worksheet to practice tracing words that begin with C

Depending on where your child is on their learning journey, you may want to incorporate now or save for later.

On this sheet, they’ll practice writing words that begin with the Letter C.

NOTE: A great way to really get alot of mileage out of these alphabet worksheets is to print these out and use a page protector and a dry erase marker to allow your young learners to practice again and again.

Letter C Coloring Page

Coloring sheets to practice identifying words that begin with the Letter C

This bundle comes with a really fun coloring page to once again reinforce the letter C.

Both pages have animals and objects that your young learner will look at and decide if the object begins with the letter C.

If it does, they will then get to circle and color the animal-object.

Letter C Activities Worksheets

In the last half of this Letter C Worksheet bundle you’ll have a few pages of fun activities to really reinforce letter recognition and give their writing another go.

Find and Circle the Bubbles with the Letter C

Worksheet to practice identifying uppercase and lowercase Letter C

On this sheet, the child will look for and color in the circles with the uppercase and lowercase C’s.

Circle the Pictures that Start with the Letter C

Printable to practice identifying words that being with the Letter C

On this worksheet you’ll circle all the pictures you find that begin with the letter C.

Dot Art with the Letter C

Worksheet practice using a dot marker with an uppercase and lowercase Letter C

Dot art is hands down a fan favorite by kids everywhere.

This printable makes practicing your uppercase and lowercase Letter C’s crazy fun with this Letter C Dot Worksheet. All you need is a bingo dauber and this worksheet and you are ready to go!

Download Your Free Printable Letter C Worksheets for Preschool & Kindergarten Here:

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