7 Super Cute & Free Printable Stencil Unicorn Templates

Use these free printable stencil unicorn templates to create your favorite unicorn crafts, birthday cakes, pumpkin carvings and more!

My daughter adores all things unicorns. They’re beautiful and mythical creatures, and honestly, just so darn cute!

So if you are looking to create your own DIY projects featuring unicorns, look no further! Here are 7 free printable stencil unicorn templates to help get you started.

Unicorn Pumpkin Stencil

unicorn profile picture of free printable template

This unicorn pumpkin stencil features a unicorn silhouette that is perfect to use with your pumpkin carving kit.

Just start by downloading this printable PDF. Trace the black unicorn stencil onto your pumpkin and then carefully carve. One of the best parts of this stencil is there aren’t a ton of tough cuts.

Voila! A beautiful Halloween work of art.

Free Printable Unicorn Head Template

mockup of unicorn head printable stencil template

Printable Unicorn Eyes Template

mockup of unicorn eyes printable template stencil

Printable Unicorn Horn Template

mockup of a printable template unicorn horn stencil

Printable Unicorn Mask Template

mockup of a printable unicorn mask template

Printable Unicorn Wing Template

mockup of printable unicorn wing template stencil

Cute Unicorn Template

mockup of a cute unicorn printable template


  • Create fun unicorn worksheets to print and color. You can use these to reinforce letter U identification and practice.
  • Pumpkin carving stencil.
  • Create craft projects using the unicorn silhouette to create wall murals, signs, cups, DIY party bags, and more.
  • As a template for a unicorn cake. Print the unicorn silhouette, trace the unicorn outlines and cut the cake to match, and then decorate it with icing!
  • Create your own digital stickers using these as templates.
  • You could create your own customizable wall art. Choose your favorite stencil, and decide the style and colors– watercolor, spray paint, dot art, pastels, gem tones; there are so many beautiful ways to use these and make them your own.


  • Be sure to use the download buttons to access the printable PDF files. If you try to print from the screen, the printing quality will be quite bad.
  • Each group is a separate PDF file, so you can download just exactly what you want.
  • These are for personal use or classroom use only. Please do not redistribute or attempt to sell as your own.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in the menu bar above.

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